The Green Planet Series - our sustainable and climate-friendly creations
Everybody is talking about sustainability and climate protection - we just started doing something years ago. The guitars of our new Green Planet series are made entirely of sustainable bamboo wood.
Specs: Tuners: Precision Locking Tuners Nut: GraphTech Black TUSQ® Nut Scale: 648 mm (25.5“) Radius: 14“ Frets: 24 Medium Jumbo Frets dressed and polished to high gloss Pickups: Kammerstein Quadrail Humbucker / Both Humbuckers can be split separately by Push-Pull-Potentiometer / or (of course) other pickups regarding customers request Bridge: Single-Rail Bridges / String-Thru-Body Strap Lock System Neck: Natural Bamboo wood multi layer neck with volute Fretboard: Dark carbonized highly compressed Bamboo Top: 15mm thick top of highly compressed Tiger pattern Bamboo Body: 30 mm Bambus Natur Streifen-verleimt E compartment cover: Aluminum Black anodized and Laser engraved Finish: Satin-Matt Including Zerberus Luxury Hardcase und Certifikate Limited Edition: 26 pieces available
Why Bamboo?
Sad fact: Last year (as of 2018), twelve million hectares of tropical forest were lost worldwide. This emerges from the annual report of the Global Forrest Watch (GFW). Accordingly, an area the size of Bavaria and Lower Saxony was destroyed. This is the third largest loss of tropical forests since satellite data began to be documented in 2001. Approximately 550 million m2 of rainforest are cut down every day. And we're talking about a survey that was carried out before half the Amazon was lit to create pasture for cattle breeding. The real numbers are far more shocking and the incredible short-sightedness and ruthlessness of the perpetrators is simply unimaginable. Unfortunately, a lot of rainforest ends up on the assembly lines of the guitar industry. Even if our contribution is negligible, as a guitar maker we also have a certain responsibility for the protection and conservation of our forests.
On our search for sustainable and climate-friendly alternatives, we stumbled over of bamboo wood. The physical properties alone fascinated us. A giant grass, whose ratio of dead weight to payload even exceeds that of reinforced concrete and whose tensile strength even reaches t wo and a half times the value of steel, is something Extraordinary. Even if you compare bamboo with wood, it does better on average. Due to its extremely dense cell structure, it has a very high surface hardness. With 4.0 HB (Brinell hardness), for example, it is significantly higher than that of oak wood, which can only boast about 3.4 Brinell. Peak values ​​of up to 6.1 Brinell have been measured, which come close to the hardness of concrete surfaces. On the other hand, its shrinkage and swelling behavior is significantly lower than that of most woods. And there are also the properties that make bamboo so extremely sustainable as a material. Bamboo absorbs 10 to 12 times more CO² than trees. A big advantage of bamboo over trees is that bamboo grows back very quickly, while trees sometimes take almost 100 years, to reach the appropriate height for felling. In contrast to a felled tree, the bamboo plant does not die when a trunk is felled. After felling, new shoots form again and again, which grow about one meter within 36 hours. The shoots have reached their final height of up to 47 meters and a trunk diameter of up to 50 centimeters within just 45 days. The trunk begins to lignify and after about five years it can be felled again and the cycle starts again. The whole time the new trunk eagerly absorbs CO² and releases oxygen. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and sustainable resources on our planet and has excellent properties. Due to the extremely high CO² absorption, bamboo is an important filter for the green lungs of our earth. Great physical properties - extremely sustainable and environmentally friendly material? So why not make guitars out of it? We offer the Green Planet Series Nemesis at a price of € 1400 including the Zerberus hard case and certificate.