In the Zerberus Customshop we build guitars that are as unique as a fingerprint. We deliberately do not use CNC-controlled machines when building these instruments, so that each of our instruments is absolutely unique. Even if we have some models that we like to build again and again, it is ensured that even with these models none of them are exactly the same. But above all, we also follow our motto here: "Be a voice - not an echo". It is very important to us that our instruments are not simply copies of long-successful models from large manufacturers, but rather an expression of our own individuality and creativity. When building our guitars, we pay attention to carefully selected components and woods. But here too we try to work as sustainably as possible. Therefore, the topic of sustainability has long been with us before it suddenly became a popular catchphrase. Why not? We are always love use well-seasoned local woods that are available in our region. Mahogany? We don't have to cut it down. Even in old villas, solid precious woods were used as furniture and more, and become available when such a building is demolished. It would be a terrible waste to burn these valuable woods or to let them rot on the landfill if you can use them so well as material for guitars. Perfect for guitar making and a great thing in terms of sustainability.
The Zerberus Guitars Customshop - handmade unique pieces as unique as a fingerprint
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