The Gorgonized Series - our sounding artworks with tops made of real stone
Acording to our motto: “Be a voice - not an echo”, with the “Gorgonized” series we have created unique guitars of art that astonish no less with their exceptional optics than with their full and balanced sound. The tops of these unique guitars are not any type of airbrush, photo finish, ceramic, artificial stone, plastic or any other coating. We are talking about 5 millimeter thick tops made of real natural stone, inlaid into the body. Of course, the question of the weight of the guitar immediately arises when you think of a stone top. But here we can calm you - with weights ​​of around 3.6 kilograms, a Gorgonized Guitar weighs no more than most ordinary solid body guitars. This is partly due to the fact that we use a particularly light type of mahogany (Guarea Cedrata) for the body, and have also aplied sound chambers. In terms of sound, the Gorgonized models have a lot to offer. Equipped with a coil split function for both humbuckers, these instruments are extremely versatile, and they do not sound cold or soulless but - depending on the pickup configuration - fat and warm in humbucker-mode, or crisp and smoky in single-coil-mode. Due to its physical characteristics, the stone top provides an extra portion of even and long sustain.
Countless stone types with all colors and structures are possible as tops for the Gorgonized models. The variety is almost limitless, and every Gorgonized guitar is absolutely unique and second to none. We visit trade fairs, dealers and quarries to find particularly beautiful pieces from all over the world.
Gallery of our gems
Ready to play in the showroom and available
Nemesis Amethyst-Burst #001
Nemesis Black&Gold Marble #1BG008
Nemesis Black&Gold Marble #1BG009