Zerberus Lite-Speed-Tailpiece so much more than just a replacement
Perfection improved? Can you even improve perfection? Perfection is not an absolute status. Athing may be called perfect for so long until someone comes and makes it better. All in all, the original Stop Tailpiece is around 70 years old. Developed in the 50's to allow the strings to be mounted from the ball ends and to be guided over the bridge, the Standard Stop Tailpiece has been doing its job ever since. No more and no less. At that time, no one thought much about design and functionality, nor about transmission of oscillations and optimization. There is a lot of room for improvement in the stop tailpiece. When developing the Lite-Speed ​​tailpiece, from the selection of the material to the improvement of the string guidance and transmission of oscillations as well as the functional design, I attached great importance to getting the feasible optimum out of this part, which is so important for the sound. Perfect? Find out.
The first step towards optimization began with the selection of the material and the manufacturing process. A standard stop tailpiece is usually manufactured using the die-casting process. Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity. Manufacture of parts using die casting is relatively simple, involving only four main steps, which keeps the incremental cost per item low. Or in other words: Die casting is the cheapest way to mass-produce tailpieces. Unfortunately, this material does not have much to offer in terms of resonance. The Lite-Speed ​​tailpiece is precision machined from a block of aluminum using a CNC milling machine. Chrome-plated and polished to a high gloss. The bolts (M8) are made of stainless steel.
But it is much more than the better material and the elegant design that make the Lite-Speed ​​tailpiece superior. low profile design - no sharp edges - the Lite-Speed ​​tailpiece is much more comfortable under the right hand.
mounted directly onto the top - more string pressure on the bridge and saddles - more direct vibration transmission: more Attack - more Sustain more Power - more Sound
As a result, the Lite-Speed ​​tailpiece, including the bolt, only weighs 56.12 grams compared to a standard stop tailpiece including bolts that weighs around 105 grams.
Thanks to the functional design, strings can be changed at lightning speed without the risk of scratching the top or pickup caps. In contrast to the normal Stop Tailpiece, the Lite-Speed ​​Tailpiece cannot fall on the top and damage it by loosening all the strings. Replacing a standard Stop Tailpiece for a Lite-Speed ​​Tailpiece is easy and only takes approx. a minute. Important! Bolt distance 82 mm / thread M8 The bolt spacing must be correct, but if the original bolts have a different thread (US thread), the original bushings can be replaced with the included M8 thread bushings.
The Lite-Speed ​​Tailpiece is now available only exclusivly from us at a price of € 129.00 including VAT. (non-EU members don´t have to pay the VAT) Free shipping within Germany and the EU Free shipping to The USA and Canada Including 2 stainless steel screws (M8), bolt spacing = 82 mm 2 bushings (M8) and an allen key Order by  E-Mail: