- Our most famous custom model now available as a limited edition series
Discover our latest innovation: The limited edition Dragon small series. These guitars combine high-quality materials, masterful craftsmanship, and affordable exclusivity. With only 60 available, we offer you the opportunity to own a unique collector's item. Each guitar is meticulously finished in our German workshop and comes with a custom-made, high- quality case.
The Dragon is available in two options...
Wilkinson Roller Bridge + Stop Tailpiece
Gotoh GE1996T Tremolo
Experience the captivating world of Dragon guitars in our three stunning color variations: Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, and Ruby Red. Each color option gives the guitar a unique personality and makes it shine on stage or in the studio. Choose your favorite and immerse yourself in the magical combination of premium sound, masterful craftsmanship, and unparalleled aesthetics.
…. and three colors
Emerald Green
Sapphire Blue
Ruby Red
Get a glimpse……
……into the captivating world of Dragon guitars in our gallery. But we take it a step further. We want to ensure that you know exactly which unique guitar you're acquiring. Each Dragon is one of a kind, and no two are exactly alike. That's why we capture a series of photos of each individual Dragon we've just completed. We offer you the unique opportunity to choose from the currently available guitars, ensuring transparency and eliminating any uncertainty. Contact us today for more information and secure your very own, truly unique Dragon.
Features over Features….
For over 44 years, I have been passionately crafting guitars with dedication. In the new Dragon series, all my knowledge, extensive expertise, creative energy, craftsmanship, and innovation come together. Each Dragon guitar is an expression of my deep passion and boundless enthusiasm for the world of electric guitars. With every note that resonates from its strings, you can feel the love and care that went into creating these masterpieces, reflecting my over 44 years of experience and dedication in each and every instrument.
…let´s start with the headstock….
We exclusively use precision locking tuners for ultimate tuning stability. Whether you're playing with intensity or executing powerful bends, your guitar will always stay perfectly in tune. The choice for guitarists who demand the highest standards without having to compromise.
To minimize string friction at the nut, we have designed the headstock of our guitars in a way that allows the strings to run as straight and parallel towards the tuners as possible. This ensures that your guitar stays in tune longer, allowing you to focus on your playing without worrying about constant tuning adjustments.
Our Dragon models with a fixed bridge are equipped with high-quality Black TUSQ® saddles from GraphTech® (Canada). These special saddles are designed to reduce string friction and provide an improved sound. The models with a tremolo feature locking saddles for enhanced stability and tuning precision.
To further emphasize the custom shop character of our Dragon guitars, I have personally signed each guitar on the back of the headstock. With meticulous attention to detail, I have also handwritten the model designation and serial number. This personal touch adds a unique and exclusive element to every Dragon guitar.
The volute protects the headstock from fractures and provides additional stability, ensuring the longevity of the guitar. This feature is a testament to our precise craftsmanship and commitment to producing guitars of the highest quality.
An inlaid 5-piece neck construction. The multi-layered design of maple and mahogany ensures stability and prevents the neck from warping. For optimal vibration transfer, enhanced sustain, and playability up to the highest frets.
Through meticulous polishing, I have created a mirror-like surface that reflects your image. Ebonol is a premium material used as a substitute for ebony. Compared to ebony, Ebonol fretboards offer a more precise and well-balanced tone, resulting in even higher sound quality. Additionally, Ebonol provides the advantage of a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to exotic woods.
Our Dragon guitars feature a stunning one-piece quilted maple veneer that showcases breathtaking beauty. Each veneer is unique and enhances the elegant aesthetic of every individual Dragon guitar. The quilted maple veneer adds an unparalleled level of beauty, making these guitars truly stand out.
The Dragon guitars feature a high-quality mahogany body crafted from two to three pieces. These woods are sourced from certified harvesting and carefully seasoned to prevent any warping of the body and unleash its full tonal potential. Each Dragon body has been meticulously crafted to ensure optimal stability and resonance, resulting in outstanding performance.
The Dragon guitar proudly introduces our brand-new Kammerstein "Soulwire I" pickups. These pickups have been specifically designed for the Dragon guitar, offering an unmatched sound experience that fully captures the versatile tonal facets of the instrument. With the "Soulwire I" pickups, you will experience a balanced tonal character, remarkable clarity, and powerful resonance that bring out the best in your playing.
On the 30 models without tremolo, I have installed Wilkinson® Roller Bridges in combination with stop-tailpieces. This combination is designed to protect the strings and minimize the risk of string- break. With their high-quality construction and sturdy design, the Wilkinson Roller Bridge, in conjunction with the stop- tailpiece, delivers reliable performance and excellent resonance.
On 30 models, you will find the Gotoh GE1996T Tremolo, manufactured in Japan and renowned as one of the best Floyd Rose tremolos on the market. With a hardened steel baseplate and edge, the GE1996T delivers maximum stability and precise performance. The GE1996T Tremolo meets our high standards for quality and functionality, leaving no room for compromises.
On all our guitars, we use S.I.T. Strings because they represent the highest quality and tuning stability. S.I.T. Strings are manufactured in Ohio, USA. We believe that choosing the right strings has a significant impact on the sound and playability of a guitar.
Our guitars feature meticulously crafted electronics compartments, coated with shielding paint. These hidden quality features are a testament to our dedication and attention to detail. Every wire has been personally hand-soldered by me, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship.
Our guitars are equipped with acrylic knobs adorned with abalone rings. The master volume and master tone controls feature push-pull functionality, allowing for individual coil splitting of the humbuckers. Experience a sonic versatility that leaves nothing to be desired.
Perfectly protected and stylishly packaged: Each Dragon guitar comes with a custom- made, high-quality Zerberus guitar case.
Quality comes at a price
Dragon with Wilkinson Roller Bridge: 1428 Euros + 19% value added tax Dragon with Gotoh GE1996T Tremolo: 1512 Euros + 19% value added tax Value added tax applies only to buyers within the EU. Both guitars come with a high-quality Zerberus Hard Case included. The remarkably low price may surprise you, considering that a handcrafted Customshop Dragon typically costs around 4500 euros. But how did we manage to offer such Customshop-quality guitars at such an affordable price? Read on below to find out how we made this possible.
You may wonder how we are able to offer such high-quality guitars with custom shop characteristics at a comparatively affordable price. Here's the secret: Through a long-standing and successful collaboration with a renowned Korean company, we have built a valuable partnership. The quality of the woods used and the craftsmanship have consistently impressed us. We receive the finished painted blanks, which we then refine into exquisite masterpieces in our German workshop in Speyer, with meticulous handwork. This time-consuming and crucial part of the manufacturing process gives the Dragon guitars their custom shop character. The result is an exceptional guitar that embodies the Zerberus Customshop spirit and meets the highest standards. Trust in our extensive experience and enjoy the masterpiece that has emerged from this unique partnership.The journey begins with the painted body with neck, which is the heart of every Dragon guitar. From there, the guitar undergoes a symphony of artisanal steps in my workshop, ensuring the utmost attention to detail: ✅ Fret dressing and rounding for unparalleled playability. ✅ Precise polishing of frets and fretboard to perfection. ✅ A meticulous high-gloss polishing process, revealing its true beauty. ✅ Installation of precise locking tuners and hardware. ✅ Intricate electronics soldering and assembly. ✅ Hand-installation of the pickups and electronics. ✅ Stringing and fine-tuning for an impeccable setup. ✅ Thorough quality assurance through hands-on playtesting. ✅ A final round of hand-polishing and meticulous inspection. Every detail gets my hands-on touch. But here's what truly sets the Dragon Series apart: Before embarking on this journey of creation, I didn't simply send a CAD drawing to my esteemed Korean manufacturer. Instead, I meticulously crafted a prototype entirely by hand. This prototype served as the guiding star, ensuring that the Dragon Series is faithfully built to capture the very essence of my craftsmanship, as if each guitar were lovingly handcrafted in my workshop in Speyer/Germany.
….into the workshop
Dreaming of a custom shop guitar, but the prices exceeding the 4000 Euro mark are beyond your budget? With prices starting at 1428 Euro + 19% VAT (Fix Bridge) and 1512 Euro + 19% German VAT (Gotoh Tremolo), the Dragon is the perfect choice for you! (The German Value added tax applies only to buyers within the EU) Seize this opportunity and get your hands on a Limited Edition Dragon that comes as close to a custom guitar as possible – all at an unbeatable price. Don't hesitate for too long, as these coveted guitars are selling fast.
But we go one step further. We want to make sure that you know exactly which unique guitar you are acquiring. Each Dragon is one of a kind, and none of them looks exactly like another. That's why we take a series of pictures of each individual Dragon we have just finished. We offer you the unique opportunity to make your personal choice from the currently available guitars. *** No surprises, but full transparency! *** Here you will find all the Dragons currently available. CLICK! Secure your own, unique Dragon.
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